Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017 Final Set of USA Today Power Rankings

The 2017 MLB regular season is over, 162 games down and depending on what team you root for your team either has 11 or 12 games left to win before they can call it a season. The USA Today doesn’t release power rankings for the postseason though so here is the final set of rankings from the publication for the 2017 season. Where did the Yankees finish and how do the standings directly correlate with the 2017 postseason? Keep reading.

The Cleveland Indians are probably the best team in Major League Baseball and the team finished at the top spot in the final set of standings which is a great sign for Andrew Miller and company. The Houston Astros took the second spot from the Los Angeles Dodgers who finished third overall while the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox rounded out the Top 5.

The Chicago Cubs climbed to the sixth spot overall knocking the Arizona Diamondbacks to seventh while the New York Yankees finished 8th to end the season securing the top Wild Card slot in the American League Playoffs. The 9th best team in the league according to these rankings were the Colorado Rockies while the Minnesota Twins were 10th overall and the final team in the American League playoffs this season.

The Milwaukee Brewers had the best record of any team that didn’t make the postseason and finished 11th overall on the rankings followed by the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas City Royals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Tampa Bay Rays who were 15th.

The Texas Rangers broke ground on a new $1.1 billion stadium recently but the on-the-field product was only good enough to secure the 16th spot on the rankings while the Seattle Mariners, the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins who were 20th overall.

The bottom ten teams are not where you want to be but the future is usually bright for all of these teams as these organizations rebuild their farm systems and teams from within. In sequential order from 21-30 the rankings had the Oakland Athletics, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Atlanta Braves, the San Diego Padres, the Cincinnati Reds, the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago White Sox, the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers. Detroit, you’re officially on the clock. 

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