Saturday, May 12, 2018

Comparing the Yankees and Red Sox 17-2 Streaks

The 2018 Major League Baseball season has been nothing short of amazing in my opinion, and not just as a fan of the New York Yankees. We have seen shutouts, no-hitters, come-from-behind victories, dominating pitching performances, hitters putting on clinics and a pair of runs that saw teams go 17-2 over a span of 19 games. The Boston Red Sox did it first to open the 2018 season, but did the Yankees do it better? Let’s compare and borrow a tweet from our good friend Jared Carrabis, because truth be told not all his tweets are ridiculous after all.

Stats are all fine and good, but who did the Red Sox beat during their span and who did the Yankees beat up on during their span? Because while parity may be a dream of MLB executives and Commissioner Rob Manfred, a reality it is not. There is a huge difference between going 17-2 over teams like the Baltimore Orioles who are on pace to lose well over 100 games and going 17-2 against potential playoff and first place teams.


During the Yankees streak the team from the Bronx beat up on teams like the Toronto Blue Jays (2nd in the division at the time), the Minnesota Twins (2nd in their division at the time), the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (first in their division at the time), the Houston Astros (first in their division at the time), the Cleveland Indians (first in their division at the time) and the Boston Red Sox (first in their division at the time). Meanwhile the Boston Red Sox did their bidding against the rebuilding Tampa Bay Rays twice (6-1 overall), the Miami Marlins (LOL), the New York Yankees (taking two of three), the Baltimore Orioles (who were on pace to lose 134 games this season as the week began), the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and one game with the Oakland Athletics.

Jared Carrabis and Red Sox fans can point out all the stats they want to as they cherry pick to make themselves look good, but the bottom line is the New York Yankees did it better. Period, and there isn’t any argument to be had about it. Strength of schedule is a thing in MLB whether anyone wants to recognize it or not.

All stats courtesy of Baseball Reference. Kudos to both teams, whether the Yankees or Red Sox did it “better” or not is irrelevant, winning 17 games out of 19 games is impressive nonetheless. Even if it was done by the damn Red Sox.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone. Go Yankees!!

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