Friday, May 11, 2018

Ridiculous Tweets by Jared Carrabis – Vol. I

So, you guys may or may not have read a little rant I did about a month back here on the blog about a certain sports personality and their Twitter account. Well, enough time has passed, and I have calmed down enough to reveal that I was talking about Jared Carrabis, a sports writer that covers the Boston Red Sox for Barstool Sports. I personally like Barstool Sports, Eric Hubbs who covers the Yankees for them and that guy that does the pizza reviews for them, but Carrabis is a bit much for me. Leave out the whole Yankees v. Red Sox thing, even without that just some of the things he says are outlandish and downright crazy. Maybe even ridiculous? That sounds like a great series to run here on the blog, so that’s what I did. It is meant all in fun, so have fun with it.

Comparing Hanley Ramirez, a first baseman and a power hitter in his own right, to Didi Gregorius, a shortstop, is absolutely ridiculous and short-sighted. First of all, what the hell does it matter how far past the wall it goes? A home run is a home run. I guess Carrabis hasn’t checked the eerily small dimensions down the line at Fenway Park either. Secondly, comparing Hanley to Didi is like comparing apples to oranges. Compare Hanley to Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton, now let’s have a conversation. Where is Xander Bogaerts hitting them, pal?

Stay tuned, I am sure we will have a volume two and more here on the blog. I’m not following you, Jared, but I sure am watching. Have a great day and keep ‘em coming.

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