Friday, May 4, 2018

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

If you were a betting man I bet you wouldn’t have bet on the New York Yankees rattling off nine wins in a row to cut a huge deficit between them and the Boston Red Sox to just two games at the beginning of the week. If you were a betting man I bet you also didn’t have the Red Sox in a free fall during the same time. If you did, kudos to you. You’re betting prowess has won you the internet, but the rest of us humans definitely didn’t see it coming. How did the Yankees strong week and a tough week for the Red Sox translate into the weekly power rankings released weekly by the USA Today? Keep reading to find out…

I won’t make you wait for long, the New York Yankees climbed five spots this week back into the Top 5 with a fourth-place finish overall. The Boston Red Sox kept the top spot on the rankings and were closely followed by the Houston Astros and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The fifth best team in the league according to the rankings are the New York Mets.

To round out the rest of the American League East we have the Toronto Blue Jays at 16th after falling six spots, the Tampa Bay Rays who are 21st after climbing two spots, and the Baltimore Orioles who are 28th after falling two additional spots on the rankings.

Surprises? The Philadelphia Phillies are 10th after climbing four spots while the Atlanta Braves are 11th overall after climbing five spots. The Seattle Mariners, who are no surprise to me as I had them making the postseason in 2018 when no one else did, rose six spots to the lucky #13 position while the Washington Nationals fell five spots to the #18 position behind a slumping Bryce Harper.

Think Mike Moustakas is regretting going back to Kansas City yet? Because I do. I bet you didn’t see that one coming either. Here’s another one you definitely didn’t see coming I bet. Mike Francesca’s return to WFAN. Boom.

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