Friday, May 18, 2018

Yankees Statistical Leaders Through 40 Games

The New York Yankees will resume baseball operations tonight in Kansas City with the beginning of a three-game weekend set inside Kauffman Stadium, but before that can occur for the first place Bronx Bombers let’s take a small look into what led the team here to date. Big thanks and shout out to Baseball Reference for the statistics.

*Notice that these stats are through 40 games and the 5.2 innings in Washington before the game was suspended on Tuesday. That explains why players show being in 41 games, since that game is official (length wise).

The Yankees Offense

At Bats:

Giancarlo Stanton – 157


Giancarlo Stanton & Aaron Judge – 41 each


Aaron Judge – 46 each


Miguel Andujar - 13

Home Runs:

Aaron Judge - 11


Aaron Judge - 35

Batting Average:

Aaron Judge - .307

The Yankees Pitching


Luis Severino – 6


Sonny Gray – 3 


Starters:  Luis Severino - 2.14 ERA
Bullpen:  Aroldis Chapman - 1.50 ERA


Starters: Luis Severino – 70 K’s
Bullpen: Aroldis Chapman – 35 K’s


Aroldis Chapman – 9 saves


Luis Severino – 1

It is still early on in the season, but we are starting to see who is hot, who isn’t and who is going to put this team on their backs for the stretch run of this 2018 season. It is going to be a fun one to watch, so stay tuned with us all season long. We’ll be here!

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