Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hello… Navigating the Trade Deadline

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to the blog. We are going to shift our focus here on the blog a bit going forward now that the 2018 MLB First Year Players Draft is done, and the hot stove and international free agent seasons begin. We will still cover prospects drafted by the Yankees in our Meet a Prospect series, but we will only cover players that have agreed to sign with the Yankees. We will also begin covering the 2018-2019 international free agent signing period that begins on July 2 as well as the hot stove season that is on tap for the rest of this month and into July.

I want to expand my horizons just a little bit this season and not only predict the trade deadline for the New York Yankees, but maybe for all 30 teams. As much as I can anyway. It should be challenging, but it should be fun as well, and that is what it is all about. So, stay tuned for that as I begin to work on that this week.

And you, prepare to be my wife because in less than a year all your dreams will finally become a reality. I love you my sweet and gorgeous Kari Ann, I always have, and I always will.


  1. Wondering if we'll go Happ-less at the trading deadline...

  2. As long as the trades include Walker and Shreve.
    Dead weight taking up valuable roster space that can be filled with Toe and Drury.
    We don't need all thise relievers on a team.
    The Sanchez is hitting maybe we ought to be a Minnesota Twins and send him to A ball.He looks totally confused , maybe he needs his eyes checked might also be the reason he has so many passed balls.
    Anyone besides me noticed that with all thise ball 4's being called strike 3 against Judge he seems to be chasing pitches now.
    Torres has got homer happy swings , like Didi does sometimes when he hits a few then Didi goes off trying to kill everything ( see his May)
    Frazier came up the first and Gardy got hot and Frazier comes and Hicks starts getting hot.
    They better be , because Red Thunder is the real deal.
    Someone please figure out our two sluggers.
    One can't hit at home or right handers and the other can't hit on the road or left handers.
    Didi please quit trying to steal , they are looking for it now .It is no longer a surprise.
    If the pitchers we draft as starters or convert to starters or trade for can't cut it then don't draft , convert or trade for those kind again.
    It took Pedro to fix Sevy not Rothschild .
    I cpuld go on , still no Roy White day , old times day would had been perfect.40 years since 78 WS he was a part of .Yankees sure missed a golden opportunity.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)