Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hello… Phantom DL Gate

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog. Let’s put the final nail in this coffin and beat this dead horse one last time here on this beautiful Thursday morning. Gary Sanchez is injured. There are rules, regulations and processes put in place to keep a team from getting pissed off at a player for his lack of performance and simply placing him on the disabled list. Gary Sanchez may be lazy, or he may not be, but he is not on the disabled list because of it and he is not on the disabled list because of his lack of hustle on a passed ball and a ground ball that subsequently ended the game and gave the Yankees a loss earlier in the week. This is not Phantom DL Gate.

Also, I want to apologize for my lack of a presence on the blog. North Georgia had some major weather come through the area over the weekend that knocked out power in some places for five days due to rain, heavy wind and confirmed tornados. We were fortunate enough to not sustain any damage to our home, our vehicles or our families but some were not so lucky. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them with hopes and wishes of a speedy recovery.

And you, I love you and hope that you know that every single second of every single day.


  1. MRI (which he got on the way to 1st base) showed an enlarged lollygagger gland.

    1. I hear those are pretty difficult to diagnose, did he get a second opinion on that?

  2. I think that a player is hurt and does not tell a team and he ends up making a situation worse should be suspended without pay.
    He didn't run full speed day one back which was a clue and I think it high time for the Yankees to make some changes to either whoever evaluates these players. They are being burnt on trades from it, now looks like the DL .
    Players career could be involved.
    That said he also could had reinjured it by lolly gagging to first seeing what happened then try to turn it on which if true he should receive a suspension for lack of hustle.
    Still say Sanchez needs his eyes checked , he is not seeing the ball as a catcher I think and it could be his pass ball problem and he sure isn't picking the ball up as a batter.


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