Thursday, July 26, 2018

Updated 2019 Rule 5 Draft List & 2018 Trade Targets

Earlier in the month I wrote a piece about how the 2019 Rule 5 Draft could affect the New York Yankees and their strategy not only before the actual draft this December, but in the 2018 July 31st trading deadline as well. A bit of that post and my predictions within it came to fruition on Tuesday night when the Yankees agreed to trade RHP Dillon Tate, LHP Josh Rogers and RHP Cody Carroll to the Baltimore Orioles for LHP Zach Britton. All three of these men were on my list and were predicted to at least be discussed in trades leaving just these men on the list of potential prospects that will need protecting from the Rule 5 Draft, could more of these men be on the way out before the deadline next week?

LHP Justus Sheffield
RHP Dillon Tate
RHP Chance Adams
RHP Cody Carroll
LHP Josh Rogers
LHP Stephen Tarpley
RHP Juan De Paula
3B/1B Dermis Garcia
C Donny Sands
INF Kyle Holder

Again, this is not a complete list, but instead I tried to more-or-less hit the high spots from within the system. All of these men have the potential to be taken in the Rule 5 Draft this winter, while others are too far from being MLB-ready and have been left off of the list. Could the Yankees be preparing to package one-or-two of these players, or more, for a JA Happ of the Toronto Blue Jays or a Cole Hamels of the Texas Rangers? I think so but stay tuned to find out. Tick tock Mr. Cashman. Tick tock, indeed.

See the original post describing the Rule 5 potential draft picks and the trading deadline here:

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