Friday, August 24, 2018

ICYMI: 2019 Schedule

In case you missed it, the 2019 MLB schedule has been released, so it is officially time to start making your Yankees plans for next season! Below I will list the entire Yankees schedule, but I will also hit some of the high points and notable dates on the schedule as well.

March 28, 30-31 vs. Orioles

Opening Day baseball in the Bronx with the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. I wonder who will be starting these three games for the Yankees. Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka, and maybe Patrick Corbin?

April 1-3 vs. Tigers
April 4-7 at Orioles
April 8-10 at Astros
April 12-14 vs. White Sox
April 16-17 vs. Red Sox
April 18-21 vs. Royals
April 22-25 at Angels
April 26-28 at Giants
April 30-May 1 at Diamondbacks

Interleague play will happen with the National League West this season. The Yankees will make the trip to Dodger Stadium again, which is always fun.

May 3-5 vs. Twins
May 6-9 vs. Mariners
May 10-12 at Rays
May 13-15 vs. Orioles
May 17-19 vs. Rays
May 20-23 at Orioles
May 24-26 at Royals
May 27-29 vs. Padres
May 30-June 2 vs. Red Sox

First five times the rivalry is renewed it is inside Yankee Stadium? Huh.

June 4-6 at Blue Jays
June 7-9 at Indians
June 10-11 vs. Mets

Subway Series Part 1

June 13-16 at White Sox
June 17-19 vs. Rays
June 20-23 vs. Astros
June 24 vs Blue Jays
June 29 Red Sox at London
June 30 Red Sox at London

Rivalry renewed, over crumpets and tea?

July 2-3 at Mets

Subway Series Part 2

July 4-7 at Rays
July 12-14 vs. Blue Jays
July 15-18 vs. Rays
July 19-21 vs. Rockies
July 22-24 at Twins
July 25-28 at Red Sox
July 30-31 vs. Diamondbacks
Aug. 2-4 vs. Red Sox
Aug. 5-7 at Orioles
Aug. 8-11 at Blue Jays
Aug. 12-14 vs. Orioles
Aug. 15-18 vs. Indians
Aug. 20-22 at Athletics
Aug. 23-25 at Dodgers
Aug. 26-28 at Mariners
Aug. 30-Sept. 1 at Athletics

Man, the last West Coast road trip of the season comes at the end of August and into September? That is rough for the Bombers.

Sept. 2-4 vs. Rangers
Sept. 6-9 at Red Sox
Sept. 10-12 at Tigers
Sept. 13-15 at Blue Jays
Sept. 17-19 vs. Angels
Sept. 20-22 vs. Blue Jays
Sept. 24-25 at Rays
Sept. 27-29 at Rangers

The final three games of the season, hopefully the Yankees have already locked up the division crown and are resting regulars by this point… stay tuned.

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