Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Yankees Don’t Need Curtis Granderson

The Toronto Blue Jays placed former Yankees and Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson on waivers as a part of the waiver wire trade deadline here in August, and recently the left-handed hitting outfielder cleared revocable waivers. What does that mean for Toronto? Well, in a nut shell that means that the Blue Jays can trade Granderson to any team for the remainder of the season and that they can presumably get more for the veteran’s services if they trade him before the August 31st trade deadline since Granderson would be postseason eligible. What does it mean for the Yankees? Honestly, it shouldn’t mean anything for New York because they don’t necessarily need him anymore.

The need arose for an outfielder for the Yankees when Aaron Judge was hit on the wrist suffering a chip fracture in his wrist that would require him to not swing a bat for at least three weeks. That was July 26th this is August 15th. This Friday, the 17th of August, will be three weeks. You have to assume that Judge will miss at least a week after being able to swing and pick up a bat and that he may even play in a rehab game or two. Is it truly worth acquiring another outfielder for, best case scenario, two weeks? I guess it depends on the cost associated with acquiring Granderson, but the Yankees are 10 games out of the division. Will two weeks of an aging Granderson really make that much of a difference, and is he worth taking at-bats away from Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, Judge and Giancarlo Stanton once the Yankees regular right-fielder returns? I am leaning towards no.

And in no way am I bringing up the fact that the Yankees are down by 10 games as an excuse or as a reason to concede the division. I’m not. While I am comfortable with playing in a one-game playoff because I think this team is built better than any other to win a one-game playoff with their offense, bullpen, and potentially top-heavy rotation, I also wouldn’t mind watching the Red Sox play either the Houston Astros or one of the Oakland Athletics or Seattle Mariners either.

Trade for him, or don’t trade for him, I am indifferent really, but at the end of the day I truly do not believe that Curtis Granderson is necessarily a need for the New York Yankees.


  1. I like the Grandy man but like you said it really mute at thus point if Judge is coming back in say 10 days.
    Though I still like him better than Robinson even if some believe Robinson is better defensively.
    I personally thought Grandy would do better this year away from New York though his swing is made for the stadium.
    You could do a home and away split , play him at home and sit him on the road.
    I was hoping Frazier would recover quicker , but Yankees rushed Ells last year and it took him two months to get going.
    With Stanton and his hammy were rolling dice and well sometimes you get him to keep A's, Astros or Cleveland who is hurting for OF from getting him.

    1. It isn't necessarily a comparison of Grandy vs. Robinson, assuming Judge is on track and comes back in two weeks or less. It is Grandy vs. Hicks/Garnder/Judge/Stanton/ and eventually Frazier.

      And for a guy with a bad hamstring he sure is hitting the ball well, and he looks good running the bases. I think this is just a precaution more than anything.

    2. I've been against acquiring Granderson since the idea was brought up. The guy is incredibly overrated. If he'd never played for the Yankees fans would laugh at the idea of trading for the guy.

      In his last 20 games he's batting .200/.274/.308 with one stolen base (that was on July 20th). Not to mention that his defense is below average as well.

      There are plenty of nice guys in MLB, and some of them have played for teh Yankees, but when those two things are the best reasons for acquiring a guy you're losing the argument.

      And that's before your argument about there being nowhere to play the guy in about 2 weeks, unless you take playing time away from a MUCH more deserving player.

      I wish absolutely no ill will on Curtis. He is a great guy, and he helped the Yankees win many games. But his time is passed, and the team has to move on.

  2. If Bird and Torres could get back to just "average" it would really help. Bird with some help last night but still can't touch a good fastball, Torres 1 for August.

    1. Boone says Torres is "close" to breaking out of his slump. We will see, but you are right... if they could play well this offense would go from good, to great, in a heartbeat.

    2. Ya Boone needs to go buy a clue. The elf has his Jerry Mahoney puppet in place and though we are 31 games over 500 this team has underachieved. We can't beat the Met's or O's or Rays or anyone with a losing record. For the youngsters Jerry Mahoney was a doll that a ventriloquist used back in the old days

    3. Hansel....Stop, and take a breath. The Yankees own the second
      best record in all of baseball.
      Take away the lame efforts of Germain, Cessa, Gray, and perhaps another.....and this team could be as good as the Sox.

      Only old Ken, and I, know of Gerry Mahoney.
      More Irish race baiting from you. An Irish dummy doll?

  3. Granderson disappointed me last year with his late season run with the Dodgers. I agree that his best days are a forgotten memory. I just want a solution for Shane Robinson. We still don't know when Judge will be back and who knows if Stanton stays healthy when he does. I'd like a better OF option unless we know that Clint Frazier will be back sometime soon.

  4. Ryan McBroom plays first base and outfield, and he hits well. #HUGWATCH

  5. Good one Patrick but when you get smoked by the Rays the 2nd best record in baseball is in doubt. Heds need to roll. I don’t give a shit if they cut someone like girlie boy Gardner who looked silly today. Send Bird to single A and Romine to Siberia. Tanaka needs to stop surrendering runs early in every freaking game.

    1. Can not gain ground on the Red Sox? Let me help you.

      A plumber can give you the answer.."Your toilet line(up),is f--ked up."
      Yeah, really...Look at today's toilet line-up.


      Half the line-up is dead !
      ( Remember..Best farm system on earth, and a team worth $3+ Billion.)

      Sorry lads, but you couldn't catch the clap in a whore house
      with this line-up.
      Even adding Domingo German back in the mix, will do nothing.

      Blame this one on Donald Trump, and some renegade Polocks.

  6. I Blame the elf and his puppet Jerry Mahoney. You see the elf grew up as the 13th man on a 12 man little league roster. He couldn’t play sports because he just sucked. So he worked his way up from gopher to Gm. George passes away and his pussy son Hal takes over and let’s the elf really run the show. Even doing some good deals along with his crap ones. Anyway moving right along he has a good manager in Girardi that shows fire and Girardi probably doesn’t take orders from a guy who couldn’t play on a Tee ball team and he takes a team one game away from WS and he doesn’t get brought back because little boy Elf wants not only to be GM he wants to be the manager. He hires an announcer with no major league managing experience to manage a 3 billion dollar team. Well the elf doesn’t add starting pitching in the off season and basically rests on his laurels. Now we put this disgraceful lineup out there. Enough of Bird, enough of Robinson, enough of Cessa and Gray and the rest of the scrubino’s. You’re going to tell me that the elf doesn’t have better on the farm or can’t pry a better option from another team. This is absurd and if it continues we won’t make the wildcard game. Time to put up. Heads need to roll.

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    1. I made it to where you could not make a comment on a post older than 14 days long, sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but I am trying to cut down on the spam.


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