Friday, August 31, 2018

Yankees Acquire Andrew McCutchen

The New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giantss have agreed on a deal that will send Andrew McCutchen to the Bronx for infield prospect Abiatal Avelino and another prospect. Welcome to the Bronx, Cutch!

More to come, stay tuned...

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  1. Well this move should had been made over the Lance Lynn move at the deadline instead of now.
    What were saying is that Frazier will not be needed this year and or. Judge may not be back this year.
    Boone messing with the pecking order in the bullpen is crazy .I know in his last 30 appearances Betances had given up only 2 runs but had only been used once in the save situation and was successful but for some reason he always struggles when given the role.
    And where is our swagger? On a night we score 7 flushed the lead 3 times, Boston is not doing that and our bullpen is miles better .
    On a night they trail 4-0 after 6 they smoke the same White Sox bullpen we struggled against.
    Time for Gardner (another year where he just bails the last month and a half)to step up or as much as I love him cut him loose this off season.
    Michael Kay and these other people praising Hicks as having a great year really.Bernie Williams did all that and hit 40 points higher.
    The last year Bernie played was a better year than Gardy is having Cashmasn insulted him with a minor league offer and invite.
    Time also for these pitchers to step up and I am not talking about giving up 2 or 3 runs in a game , throw a shutout take the pressure off the hitters ( they can't deliver it seems with runners in scoring position no matter who the hitting coach is)
    Come on Yankees , I am calling you veterans out. That includes you CC,Gray,Stanton,Gardy,Walker,Tanaka,DRob,Britton,Betances and I will throw Bird in here.Time to fly out of the nest of excuses and soar.
    You have again allowed a chance to keep the pressure on Boston to get away. Good thing we were not playing good teams or we would really be in trouble.


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