Friday, September 7, 2018

My Hypothetical Wild Card Game Roster

Man, Gary Sanchez is really stinking up the joint defensively and that worries me. It worries me for the remainder of the season and it worries me for the remainder of his tenure here in the Bronx, but it really worries me given the nature of a one-game playoff in the Wild Card round of the American League postseason. We can’t leave Gary and his bat off the roster entirely, but can we really trust him as it stands today to be behind the plate during the game? Or would him being at DH be a better option for the New York Yankees? Why just focus on one player when we can just give our opinion on the entire one-game roster, so here goes.

1B: Luke Voit
2B: Gleyber Torres
SS: Didi Gregorius
3B: Miguel Andujar
LF: Andrew McCutchen
CF: Aaron Hicks
RF: Aaron Judge
DH: Giancarlo Stanton
C: Gary Sanchez

I am sorry, but you cannot take that bat and its potential out of the lineup. You can’t. Even if it’s on a short leash, you cannot. I don’t have the gonads to do it and neither does Aaron Boone, in my opinion.

SP: JA Happ

Happ has been the Yankees most consistent starter and should take the ball for New York. This also gives the Yankees a little extra rest for Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka and CC Sabathia behind him, which can only help.

CP: Aroldis Chapman
RP: Dellin Betances
RP: Zach Britton
RP: David Robertson
RP: Jonathan Holder
RP: Chad Green
RP: Jonathan Loaisiga
RP: Sonny Gray
RP: Lance Lynn

The Yankees will need a deep bench as well with lots of versatility, and I think this bench achieves that:

C: Austin Romine
INF: Neil Walker
1B: Greg Bird
OF: Brett Gardner
UTL: Ronald Torreyes
UTL: Adeiny Hechavarria


  1. No way Gardner sits He is as close to the glue that holds this team together as there is. I’d bet a weeks salary he starts

    1. Glue doesn't mean as much when you are struggling like Gardner is and has been for much of the season. Truth be told, McCutchen hasn't been killing it either. It all comes down to who starts the game for (presumably) Oakland. If a lefty starts, which looks unlikely, then it will be McCutchen. if a righty starts, then it will be Gardner.

      Admittedly I had a lapse of judgement when I wrote this and forgot about Sean Manaea being on the disabled list for the remainder of the season.

    2. Burch you fail to realize that Gardner gets a free pass from the likes of the Elf and Boone and Ken Reed. This guy is done like Sanchez's BA and his ability to block balls. I believe the elf will even bring him back next year.

    3. Sorry Ken H..,I give no one a free pass!
      I have been saying most of the season, put Clint Frazier in left. I will not trash Brett, because with less talent he has done a good job for this team...not great! Left field is a job for a CF with power, speed and a good glove! Clint fits the bill from what I have seen.
      Bretts days are about over, and I am sorry to say that.

    4. That's why this was MY hypothetical list, and not Cashman's. If that were the case AJ Cole and Luis Cessa would have been in the bullpen, haha.

  2. When Judge comes back, Cutch is on the bench.

    1. Yankees have at least worked McCutchen out in left field recently. Neither are hitting the cover off the ball right now, but still. The possibility is there.


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