Monday, October 8, 2018


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Been a long while since I had the time to write. Life has been crazy. Turns out I have not to many words to say. Luis Severino showed he is not a big game pitcher and may never be.  How do you show up late for your warmups, for this big of a game? 

Last year he got knocked out of the Al Wild Card Game. This year in what could be the worst loss in the Yankees season, Luis didn’t even bother showing up. I am highly disgusted with the Whole Team.......16-1 in a game 3 playoff game with the series tied at 1-1 is pitiful. The bullpen sucked. The batting order was overmatched by a Yankee castoff.......5-31 in a playoff game! We still have 1, maybe 2 games to play so, I’ll not go Into what the team needs to do in the offseason.  

However I am highly disgusted.  Sorry guys I’m to upset to type anything else tonight. Don’t worry thou fans I’ll be very active during the rest of this season and offseason, as I have some big plans that should be fun. 

Good Night and dare I say Let’s G⚾️ Yankees!! 

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  1. It has nothing to do with "big game". He hasn't been able to pitch, period, for 3 months? Like I said, he needed to be sat for half the season after that meltdown. All I can hope is it was just fatigue. Pathetic, truly pathetic.
    And fuck eovaldi. His time in pinstripes was a disaster to a 4.50 era, and we make him look like Greg Maddux.

  2. What a game, indeed. The first Yankees playoff game I have EVER turned off before all 27 outs were recorded. I knew that once Boone let Severino start the 4th that it was over, and it was.


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