Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Yankees Plan B for Patrick Corbin May Include an Indians Starter and Jason Kipnis

The New York Yankees missed out on the top free agent starting pitcher this winter in Patrick Corbin after the left-hander agreed to a six-year deal worth $140 million with the Washington Nationals, but that does not mean that the Yankees will be without another frontline starter this winter. Instead of acquiring another arm off the free agent market the New York Yankees may be forced back into the trade market, and back to the Cleveland Indians. The New York Yankees have already tried to acquire one of Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco or Trevor Bauer this winter, but were unwilling to meet the high asking price for any of their starters, but with recent news being released that may have all changed.

The Cleveland Indians are seemingly in a bit of a rebuilt, much like the Seattle Mariners this winter, and are looking to unload some salary in these trades. According to MLB Trade Rumors and Buster Olney the Indians may ask a potential trade partner to take on Jason Kipnis and the remaining money on his deal ($14,666,667 in 2019 and a $16.5 million team option for 2020 including a $2.5 million buyout) in order to trade for one of the three aforementioned starters. Uh, yes please?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of Kipnis and I do not think he solves a lot of the Yankees problems, but he, nor his contract, are enough of an albatross to make hiding him on the roster for the 2019 season out of the realms of possibilities. Kipnis bats left-handed, something the Yankees need with the loss of Didi Gregorius, and he plays second base, which allows the Yankees to move Gleyber Torres to shortstop until Didi returns from his Tommy John surgery. Kipnis won’t hit for average (he hit .230 in 2018 and is a career .263 hitter), but he could hit for power in the Bronx (he hit 18 home runs in 2018 with Cleveland) and could benefit from the short porch in right field. Kipnis takes his walks, his OBP is almost 100 points higher than his batting average, and his defense is still considered, at the very least, average at second base. Kipnis has also dabbled in center field (14 appearances in 2018) which adds a bit of versatility and flexibility to his resume for the Yankees.

You would think that adding the contract of Kipnis would bring the asking price from the Cleveland Indians down, which may allow the Yankees to keep the “untouchable” Estevan Florial while still acquiring the ace that they so desperately need and want. Jonathan Loasiga/Albert Abreu, plus, plus, for Kluber/Carrasco/Bauer and Kipnis and his salary is definitely a possibility, assuming the accuracy of the report from Buster Olney.

Make it happen, Cashman.


  1. This sickens me, Daniel. Our #1 asset is money. Any big pitcher we trade for will come with $ attached as well. Maybe not corbins 24M a year, but still. The difference, anyone good enough will cost andujar at the minimum.

    If you are talking bumgarner or the klubot, compare that to the praxton trade. Sheffield++ didn't get the job done w/ Cleveland, so florial++ surely won't do jack shit.
    My suggestion- sign harper. Sign happ. See if we can trade gray+ a piece to Minnesota for Buxton, and try to either trade Stanton OR use hicks As a package for a starting pitcher... A sign and trade?

    1. I highly doubt it would cost Andujar. Florial, sure, but the only pitcher I would consider trading Andujar for would be deGrom.

      And Sheffield wouldn't get the job done for Kluber or Bauer, but that was before Cleveland kicked around the idea of tacking on the Kipnis contract. That changes everything.

    2. I don't know about florial. He doesn't impress me at all, he's striking out too much in Tampa. Only gets harder from here. I also don't know if Cleveland is taking from their mlb club for a low farmhouse prospect. Possible, and I'd be game, but I don't think we are getting a stud pitcher. Keep in mind, the mariners are selling off everything and don't give a shit. Lol

  2. Please...Erase..... Florial from your minds.
    I don't get it, never will.
    He is not Mantle, and not even close to Hicks. Really ?

    Want to feel wonderful ? Sure you do.

    Let your mind put Bryce Harper, batting third-fifth, in the Yankee line-up
    for opening day...Over the next ten years.
    A lefty raking destroyer, that WILL stir the drink. Can not miss.

    He has to be the Yankees number one target, this winter.

    Another starter, sure. But you'll not find the likes of Harper coming
    around again anytime soon.

  3. The missing poster ?
    And why did he leave ? Do we now eat our dead?

  4. I find it pathetic that randy Levine has the balls to say we currently are as good as the red Sox.

    Like Patrick said, go sign harper. A career 0.400 obp left hand bat, his salary will pay for itself in ticket sales, nevermind an added 10M increase for every additional post season game.

    For all the people that say "you don't need to spend a ton of money"... We are the Yankees. This franchise pockets 300+million a year... PROFITs. So that's after player salary, employees, all the other expenses. Profits.

    Yea randy, from my seat, we got embarrassed in the post season, where they came to our house and kicked our ass 16-1. Our "ace" stopped pitching after July, and he couldn't pitch peewee ball in October. Now the focus is on ja happ the red Sox killer, who ate shit in the post season as well. Fantastic.

    We have the core,, there's Noone else from the farm coming, now is the time. Fix sanchez and severino for fucks sake, and go get the piece we need and stop being a bunch of frugal old ladies. Jesus christ.

  5. Daryl....How long have you had an issue trying to make your point ?

    1. Many of those in our reading audience chant...
      " At least Daryl contributes, and shows passion!! "

      Unlike the commenters here, that should all work in funeral homes.

    2. Lol, not an issue of making a point, I just beat a dead horse.
      And I perseverate. And then something sets me off and the cycle continues... As an example,

      I read past night that Lance Lynn is in the Yankees plan B options, which pissed me off. Lance Lynn! He's the modern day hideki irabu! Help me Brian Cashman, youre our only hope!

    3. And I have a hard time understanding why people hug prospects so much and are so frugal with Yankee ownership money. Every dollar smartly added will see a handsome return. I don't get it. But I guess penny slots can hit too?

  6. The Winter Meetings are coming together in Vegas.

    We have two people contributing. Pathetic.
    And...the 'missing poster' has walked away from the site. Sad.
    And...No one even asks about him, or who he is. Awful.


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