Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yankees Not On Upton's No Trade List, But...

The New York Daily News posted an article saying that the Yankees are no longer listed on Justin Upton's limited no-trade clause. The Bombers originally were, but it was reported by many that the list had changed, but without any knowledge of whether or not New York was still on it or not. However, now it appears the Yankees are able to acquire Upton.

But don't get your hopes up Yankee fans, because at about the same time the New York Post reported that the Yankees are not in on the Upton trade talks. Not that I take a lot of stock in such reports, as the Yankee GM is known as "Ninja Cashman", but it looks like it will take a three team trade for Justin to end up in pinstripes, since Arizona wants left-side MLB-ready help... something the Yankees don't have (ARod is not being traded).

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