Monday, November 12, 2012

Yankees Reportedly Interested In Mike Napoli

Either Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office are posturing to get Russell Martin back on their terms or they are avid Greedy Pinstripes readers because reports came out stating that the Yankees are showing interest in free agent catcher Mike Napoli. Way back in September I wrote about how I wanted Mike Napoli on my team in 2013, especially on a shorter term deal, because of his ability to catch, play 1B, be a DH, and hit for power. You can read that article HERE. A little over a month later my partner (#nohomo) Bryan Van Dusen wrote how he wanted Napoli as our catcher next season as well, seen HERE, so you know what they say about great minds... Let's see how far these discussions go and whether we have real interest, which I doubt because he cannot catch every day, or if we are just trying to drive up the price for the Red Sox. 

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