Monday, February 18, 2013

Cano Declines Link To Biogenesis Clinic

The witch hunt is beginning after the fall out from the Biogenesis clinic information being leaked to the public. Robinson Cano, who is openly close to Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez, was asked today by reporters if he had any link to Biogenesis and Tony Bosch and had ever taken any kind of performance enhancing drugs. His answer did not satisfy a lot of reporters when he said "the first time I heard (about Biogenesis)was when the thing came out" so three reporters followed him out to the parking lot reiterating the question about whether he had used PED's before. Cano responded with a "no" every time he was asked and refused to speak about Alex Rodriguez or Melky Cabrera because it was their personal business. This is a dangerous precedence to start if you are the media by harassing a guy and making him guilty by association.

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