Friday, February 15, 2013

Wang & Yankees Reunion?

"If you bring me back I'll promise to wear this outfit to the ballpark every day."

The Yankees are looking for another starting pitcher to add to the AAA rotation, in case they need somebody as a part-time fill in during the season (a strong possibility). The reason for that is that it's not ideal to pull up a young kid that's still developing to make a few spot starts in MLB. You'd rather leave that kid in the minors to get regular work, and let a veteran make those MLB appearances instead.

So the Bombers are keeping their eye on former Yankee Chien-Ming Wang. Spring Training pitching instructor Billy Connors was impressed with a recent workout by Chien-Ming, and will be watching Wang when he pitches for Team Taiwan in the World Baseball Classic.

Wang is looking for a Major League contract, but after missing all of 2010 and following that up with two lackluster seasons, he may have to settle for a minor league deal. In that case I'm okay with the team bringing CMW back, as there aren't any better options for that role available, but if it would cost a MLB contract then no way.

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