Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jose Valverde Almost A Yankee

Jose is either really excited or painfully constipated.

Jon Morosi tweeted that, according to Jose Valverde, the Yankees offered the 35 year-old former Tigers closer a contract. But unlike the minor league contract Valverde ended up agreeing to with Detroit today, the one the Yankees apparently offered was a Major League deal.

I haven't heard if the Yanks had offered that deal before signing Rivera to a one year deal on November 29th, but my feeling is that Valverde may have been thought of as a set-up man for Mo, like Rafael Soriano last season.

I say "may" because Brian Cashman has denied that such an offer was made, saying "false, false, false". Of course one could expect the Yankees GM to say that, as he wouldn't want to possibly make David Robertson think the team didn't have confidence in him. Seeing what happened last year with Soriano I wouldn't be surprised if the offer was true, and Valverde turned it down because he was seeking a contract to be a team's closer.

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