Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yankees Not Interested In Manny

Typically, comments from Brian Cashman are to be taken very lightly. In fact, most coaches and executives keep their true feelings on possible player acquisitions close to their chests. And for the same reason we all get less recognition from our bosses than we deserve... so they don't have to pay us more.

In this case I hope Cashman's words are true, as he told Anthony Rieber that he is not interested in signing Manny Ramirez. You may recall that Manny recently opted out of his contract with the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan, in order to try and secure a contract in Major League Baseball. 

Ramirez did put up a line of .352/.422/.555 with the Rhinos, but keep in mind that the league he was playing in is roughly equivalent to High-A minor league ball. With his past, which includes erratic behavior and a PED suspension, I doubt any team will sign him. But you never know.


  1. That picture is not Manny

    1. LOL. That shows how much I care about Manny. I just thought it was a silly picture of him.


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