Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chase Headley To The Yankees A No Go

The Yankees have been searching for an adequate third basemen all season long and will continue their search after speaking with the San Diego Padres about the availability of Chase Headley. The Yankees were turned away by the Padres when they said they needed a special kind of prospect that the Yankees either do not possess or are not willing to give up to acquire Chase. Switch hitting power hitting third basemen who are not defensive liabilities are apparently in high demand and unless the Padres are blown away they will hold on to the 29 year old.

Headley has struggled this season both at the plate and in his attempts to stay healthy while putting up a batting line of .229/.330/.359 with a lingering thumb and calf injury. We all know, including the San Diego Padres, that his stock is down right now but he is a much better player than he has shown this season. The Padres seem willing to hold on to him and seem willing to trade him at next years trading deadline if it came to that so Chase looks like a no go for the Yankees. That's a shame he is a perfect fit in this Yankees lineup not only this season but next season as well.

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