Sunday, July 14, 2013

Colorado Rockies Interested In Phil Hughes

The Yankees are said to be aggressively shopping both Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes this July 31st trading deadline and we have a suitor for Phil Hughes in the Colorado Rockies. The problem with this is the Rockies want to trade for Hughes and revert him back to the bullpen as a relief pitcher. The Yankees are looking to get a big haul for Hughes you would think if we did decide to trade him and I cannot see us fetching that if we were trading him as a relief pitcher. Not to mention that Phil Hughes is home run and fly ball prone and having that kind of pitcher in Colorado would be an absolute nightmare.

I am not sure who the Yankees would be interested in to get in return unless it was on the prospect side. Colorado has already said that they are not willing to trade Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki and have to be overwhelmed to trade Michael Cuddyer and I cannot see Hughes as a pending free agent and a reliever being an overwhelming package. I cannot see us being a trade match with Colorado but stay tuned.

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