Sunday, July 14, 2013

YGY First Half Round Table Show

I am happy to announce that I will be representing Yankees Fans Unite on tonights Yanks Go Yard First Half Round Table show.  Ricky Keeler from YGY will be hosting and I will be on with William Juliano of The Captains Blog, Andrew Mearns of Pinstriped Bible and Stacy Gotsulias of It's About the Money. You can listen live tonight at 10:30 or whenever it is convenient for you. Here is the link to the show and I hope everybody tunes in


  1. I'm not one for dwelling on the negitives, Rafael DePaula pitched well for the World team in the future games, he is one bright spot in the minor league pitching.

  2. The news on A-Rod gets worse every day.

    As much as I respect his talent, and play devils advocate for him...someone has to...I am hoping the allegations are wrong!

    Hate him or like him, if he is not guilty and can play 80% of the A-Rod in his prime...the Yankees need him baaaaaaadly!

    Like I have said before, as there has been no proof of wrong me the proof!
    I can't tolerate cheaters, so if he is guilty again; he should have a lifetime ban from baseball.

    Caveat; If not guilty, everyone should button-up and hope he can help this team win some games!

    As with Shoeless Joe Jackson, talent such as those two have/had, is once every 50+ years.
    I think what really gets me MAD (not much does) is the unforgivable wast of talent A-Rod was given by God!

    I hope everything ends up being untrue, the Yankees can use his talent.

  3. Matt how come I wasn't asked to be on this also? I'd definitely have done it.

  4. It was only one guy per website Mike and Ricky invited me it's his show not mine.

  5. Matt, how come I wasn't asked to be on this also? Almost all, at this site cut their
    teeth at the wonderful iYankees blog. The controversial, unhinged, notorious blog site,
    with a great deal of swagger. Perhaps Ricky, at YGY, missed a golden opportunity.
    I would of loved to share my thoughts, and colorful stories, at that dynamic round table..
    I could not listen to his replay. The void in YGY's air space, was too much to handle.
    iYankees in it's day, was the dynamo. Unmatched, to this day
    I will not go down that road. Take care.

  6. Cano, at the Derby. Should of taken a pass.
    For him to be shooting bullets at the moon nuts.
    With no offense this year, he sends salvo, after salvo into the night.
    In the future, with bases loaded, and two out....and he grounds to third...remember tonight's salvos.
    This is almost as dumb, as the World Baseball Classic. Ask Teixeira.

    Yes, Cowgirls, it is.
    The Yankees are six games out, as we speak tonight.
    Friday starts a three game series with Boston, followed by Texas ( both away).

    There is no cavalry, of injured charging batsmen on the horizon. Dust in the wind.
    Management has two days to reload, and prepare. Two days!
    When they go 10 under, it's over. I know you know this. Take care.

    This Yankee barge, is stuck on a sand bar. Since Sept, '12.
    Let's try to start this up J R Murphy C....send down/or trade Austin Romine. Why not?
    Romine...your next Munson? No! ............So let's start some where. Any where.
    With Murphy, and the addition others, the engine may turn over.
    To stay on the sand nuts. And, a prelude to bringing the 2013 season curtain down.

  9. Change the bait!
    Yankees offered a package of Hughes, Chamberlain, and JR Murphy....for Justin Morneau,
    and a prospect. Not interested.
    We do have the players that everyone covets?....Don't we?
    Change the bait, or cast in a different direction.

  10. Until there is a suspension for A-Rod, if there is, he will be playing for the Yankees Monday.
    That takes care the 3nd base black hole. With Nunez at SS that takes care of that Black hole with Jeter at DH that helps the right-handed DH.
    Ok, we have one star...Cano and two older stars (maybe too old), we just up-graded the team by getting Jeter and A-Rod back, (do we have better players on the Farm) let's play some Yankee baseball and win the East.

    Trading JR or Romine is a mistake, catchers take time to I am the expert on catching...Not!

  11. old yankee, I agree trading Murphy is a mistake, he might be the best catcher the Yanks have at this point. Bring him up and see what he can do.

  12. The steadfast......doug. Good evening.
    Yes, Murphy should be brought up. It will be good for him, and the team.
    If this team is reloading for a run, fingers crossed, then send down Romine, and his 110 avg.
    Nice guy, wont be missed.
    The team needs a new more talented look.
    Viva La...Murphy!

  13. Patrick, I agree, the Yanks will need to make some changes to have a chance the second half. A-Rod, Jeter, Grandy, and Phelps will help, but they will still need more help to over take the O's, Rays, and Sox.

  14. patrick...
    Actually, Romine is a much better hitter than what he has shown thus far! Some players, catchers mostly, work more on their catching and less on hitting.
    Let me admit now, I am not an expert on catchers however, as a pitcher of no renowned...I want a catcher that is good in all aspects of his craft. Hitting is a plus, a big plus...he has shown much better hitting skills on the farm, if he can hit .265+ in the bigs and play good "D"...he is a keeper!
    Can he, I think so! Now he has to think and do so!
    Murphy is mostly hit and catch whereas, Romine is catch and hit! Who is the better chance of making it...I give up, your guess is as good as mine, maybe better!

    Trouble with bringing anyone up now is, no time to let them adjust!

  15. doug...
    Murphy is the better hitter but not the better catcher of the two. Some say he is a lot like Posada good stick, hands like rocks. Oh, he has a better arm than Posada also!
    You pick'um, we need the stick but, the pitchers need the glove and arm.
    As we are depending on our pitchers so much this year, I think you can tell the way I would go.....good glove!
    Just me, that's all, not fact! :)

  16. TRY THIS ONE, BOYS.....
    Teams have called the Yankees about Robinson Cano. That is a fact.
    If this weekend, and the Texas trip, turns into a train's over. Don't look back.

    Do you talk to Cano, with a wink and a nod, letting him know you want him back?
    Then trade him for a young, can't miss, masher? Pitcher?
    I would. Just get your point across to him.

  17. old yankee, you may be right about Romine, but in today's game the bunt and steal are almost obsolete. A good hitting catcher who can call a good game seems to be the trend. Don't get me wrong, I would take Molina of the Cards over any catcher today, he should be the NL MVP. It is impossble to tell whether Murphy is better than Romine at this point, but Romine as Adams hit in AAA and not in the bigs so far. I would like to see what Murphy can do, and maybe catch lightning in a bottle.

  18. doug..
    So true, until that day comes...who knows and that is the problem! So many players knock the cover off the ball on the farm then come up and do the same thing until the adjustments are made by the pitchers!


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