Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hal & Others Address Poor Farm System

Via George King & Dan Martin, owner Hal Steinbrenner, and various other front office members, reportedly held a meeting about the lack of talent in the upper levels of the farm system. Although we don't know the names of those other front office members, I'm sure that people such as Brian Cashman, Amateur Scouting Directer Damon Oppenheimer, and VP of Baseball Operations Mark Newman, were there.

It's about time that the team addressed the fact that they had to look at free agency, waivers, or trades in order to fill the many holes that opened up on the team this year. And instead of having somebody to promote to take a rotation spot, the team has had to tough it up with a struggling Phil Hughes. 

If the Yankees not only want to get payroll down, but keep it there, then it's imperative that they start getting better at developing young talent. 

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