Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jayson Nix Leaves Game In 2nd Inning After HBP

Jayson Nix has left the game against the Toronto Blue Jays with an apparent hand injury after being hit by a pitch in the knuckles from RA Dickey. Knuckle ball or not taking a pitch off the knuckles has to hurt so hopefully this is just precautionary. Nix is surely headed for X Rays on the hand now since we are in New York. Hopefully we are over the year of the injury and Jayson Nix will just be day to day with a bruise or something, cross your fingers.


Jayson has a fractured hand and his season is likely over. Wow this hurts the team big time. Expect David Adams to be called up and Jayson to be added to the 60 day DL. Or we could always just go trade for Chase Headley....

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