Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kuroda struggles as Yankees drop middle game to Red Sox, 6-1

Hiroki Kuroda, who has pitched very well lately, gave up 5 runs (3 earned) over 5.2 innings of work today as the Yankees dropped this weekend's middle game to the Red Sox without any sort of fight, 6-1. I guess every good pitcher struggles every once in a while, but it sucks that Kuroda's bad game had to come against, of all teams, the Red Sox. 

The Yankees only run in this one came on an RBI Groundout by Ichiro Suzuki in the top of the fifth inning. Besides that, Alfonso Soriano went 2-for-4 with two singles, Lyle Overbay went 3-for-4 with two singles, a double, and a run, and Vernon Wells went 1-for-1 with a pinch-hit single. Again, this one sucked, but it won't ruin the season. Hopefully the Bombers will play better tomorrow. 

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