Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Rod Accuses Yankees Of Hiding Labrum Tear

In the latest episode of the Bronx is Burning II Alex Rodriguez and a member of his legal team, Joseph Tacopina, are accusing the New York Yankees of hiding MRI results last September/October. I refuse to call this the Alex Rodriguez show, because that is exactly what it is, because he would just enjoy that too much.

Alex is accusing the Yankees of deliberately trying to injure their third basemen further to where he could not come back at all for the rest of his career. Tacopina says the Yankees had the MRI results on A Rod's hip showing a torn labrum and hid them from everyone and continued to throw him out there against the Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles last season in the post season.

Tacopina has also attacked Randy Levine saying that Levine told Yankees team doctor Dr. Brian Kelly to make sure that A Rod never went to the field again. Dr. Kelly is the doctor who examined A Rod after the season and found the tear in the hip labrum that cost him most of his 2013 season. Levine obviously denies all these accusations and says the team is willing to release all the records that they have if anyone requests them. Levine says the Yankees have nothing to hide but Tacopina says he has copies of some "damning" emails between Levine and Rodriguez so here we go.

Someone is lying and I look forward to reading about this for the remainder of the seasons and all off season long. Please sense the sarcasm there! This has got to be the worst part of being a blogger, which I love don't get me wrong, when you have to report and keep up with all this senseless childish drama and accusations. I hate it and I hate that all this has happened between the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez this season. At this point it is hard to side with or believe A Rod so I guess we will just have to wait and see how this one turns out.

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