Friday, August 30, 2013

MLB Slows Down Signing Of Cuban Defecting Players

Via Mike Axisa on River Avenue Blues:

Major League Baseball has implemented a new rule which will slow down the process for Cuban players defecting their native country to gain residency in another country. The Office of Foreign Assets Control used to require a general unblocking license which could be easily and quickly acquired, sometimes in less than a month, and does not require any kind of written paperwork or anything official. Now a license is required to declare residency which will require a written application from the player as well as the individual responding to the application as well. This could delay Cuban defecting players from signing with major league teams as much as six months now and I cannot agree with it after seeing players like Rafael DePaula's Visa issues get drug out so long but I understand the whole business and legal aspect behind it as well so it is what it is.

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