Friday, August 30, 2013

The Orioles Being Aggressive & We're Standing Pat

As the August waiver trade deadline is drawing to a close I cannot understand what is going on in New York Yankees land. Granted I know that we have a bit of a roster crunch but it discourages me when I see us struggle against teams that we should beat, for example the Toronto Blue Jays, when time is running out on us for a playoff run. It really discourages me when teams in front of us, for example the Baltimore Orioles, are being very aggressive on the waiver wire and trade wire. The Orioles have reportedly put in waiver claims on Mariners 1B/DH Mike Morse, Mariners DH Kendrys Morales, and the Twins outfielder Josh Willingham. Throw on top of that the uncertainty behind Eduardo Nunez and Robinson Cano in the Yankees middle infield and I am just really discouraged, frustrated, and thinking more and more that this may just not be the Yankees year. I will not ever give up on my team as long as we are mathematically still in this thing but I cannot say I feel confident anymore and this upcoming series with the Baltimore Orioles may be the last chance we have at a real playoff run. The Yankees better come out like their backs are against the walls and every game is a must win game because, frankly, that's because it is.

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