Friday, August 30, 2013

Yankees beat Orioles 8-5 despite Sabathia's struggles

Despite CC Sabathia giving up 5 earned runs in just 5.2 innings of work, the Yankees, led by a five-run fifth inning, were able to out-slug the Orioles tonight for a thrilling, 8-5 win. Sabathia was doing alright up until the fourth inning in this one, but that was when he lost his edge, giving up 3 runs and blowing the team's 2-1 lead. But like I said, they scored five times in the fifth. First, Reynolds doubled home a run. Second, Ichiro hit a go-ahead two-run home run. Finally, Cano hit a two-run single. By then, the score was 7-4 Yankees and the game was all but over. I've seen better games, but this one was still fun. Let's hope the Bombers play like this throughout the Holliday weekend. 

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