Saturday, September 7, 2013

Derek Jeter Leaves Game vs. Red Sox

UPDATE:  Joe Girardi removed Derek because "he did not like the way he was running" and decided to get a CT scan on the surgically repaired ankle. The CT scan came back clean and have been sent to Dr. Anderson in North Carolina, the doctor who performed his ankle surgery in October of 2012, for a second opinion. Sounds like Jeter is fine but the Yankees do not want to see a fourth DL trip this year or another loss of a season in 2014 so they are being overly cautious, as usual.

Derek Jeter has left the game against the Boston Red Sox after singling in Brett Gardner to bring the Yankees within six runs in a game they must have. Mark Reynolds pinch ran for Jeter and I missed what happened, if anything, as I have the game muted due to the terrible FOX announcing squad. If more Yankees injury news comes down the pipe we will bring it to you.

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