Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looking Ahead To 2014: The Hot Corner

The Yankees 2014 Free Agents At Third Base

Kevin Youkilis
*Alex Rodriguez suspended for entire 2014 season.

The Yankees got the worst production at third base last season in the entire major leagues so we need a definite upgrade at the hot corner if we plan to compete in 2014. The good news it we can only go up from here, the bad news is there is not much available in the free agency. Here is the complete list of 2014 free agents but I will hit the high spots and realistic options for the Yankees in this years free agency period.

Michael Young (37 years old)
Kevin Youkilis (35 years old)
Mark Reynolds (30 years old)
Eric Chavez (36 years old)
Corey Hart (32 years old)

Michael Young would add a potent right handed bat to the Yankees lineup and some versatility with his ability to play all over the infield and even in the outfield in a pinch. The Yankees tried to acquire Michael Young at the trading deadline in 2013 but honestly I cannot see them going after a year older version of Michael Young in 2014. Kevin Youkilis and his bad back kept him out of basically all of Spring Training and the 2013 season for the Yankees and I cannot see them making that mistake again. Eric Chavez would be a pretty decent addition if he were willing to come back as a bench player like he was for us in 2011 and 2012 but I cannot see that happening again after tasting the sweet life of a starting gig in Arizona with the Diamondbacks in 2013. That leaves Mark Reynolds and Corey Hart fighting for the Yankees free agency dollars. Mark Reynolds may not be an ideal addition with his high strike out rates, terrible defense at both first base and third base, and his low batting average but the guy can absolutely hit home runs from the right side of the plate and after the part of the 2013 season spent with the Yankees that may be enough for Hank and Hal Steinbrenner. Corey Hart on the other hand is coming off of a knee injury that kept him from playing at all in the 2012 season and that is enough for me to stay away from the guy. As much as I was a fan of Corey's before the 2013 season we had enough problems with injuries and injury prone players in 2013 and Mark Reynolds home runs and durability gives him the starting nod on any team that I am the general manager of.

Mark Reynolds would sign a one year deal if I were the GM for exactly as many strike outs as he will get as dollars, somewhere around $8,000,000. Yes that was an extreme exaggeration.. or was it? Kevin Long did a lot with Reynolds in a month's time so imagine what he could do with an entire off season. 

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