Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Ode to the 2009 Yankees

This next post is a poem dedicated to the guys we all love,
The ones that played defense with a gold glove
I thought it would be a good time to remember 2009,
When the Yankees lineup was more than just fine.
So for a minute let’s forget about the 2013 playoff push,
Or the fact that Cashman told Alex to…. Shush.
The Road to 27 is one we will never forget,
It was a time we had faith in every player, even AJ Burnett.
2009 was the year Jeter became the Yanks all time hit leader,
And no Yankee fan cared that A-Rod was once a cheater.
The Yankees were also the first team to clinch a playoff spot,
The defense was strong and the offense was hot.
On Sept 27th the team won their 100th game of the season,
And it was against the Red Sox… so we celebrated with greater reason.
In the ALDS, the Yankees beat the Twins 3-0,
They shut down the Twins, thanks to the GOAT Mo.
The Yankees won the ALCS against the Angels 4 games to two,
Who can forget the A-Rod-Jeter-Tex hug… what an awesome crew!
CC was named ALCS MVP,
He definitely deserved it… I don’t think anyone would disagree.
The best part about the win is that we would get to see the Yankees play more,
And who wouldn’t want to watch more games with the CORE FOUR?!
Next was the World Series against the Phillies… shit
With Cliff Lee pitching, would the Yankees even get a hit?
Yankees lost game 1 but that was okay,
They still got to play another day.
Game 2 came next with an epic performance from Jay-Z,
Yankee fans got to see Pedro pitch and chanted “Who’s your Daddy?”
Then the Yankees traveled to Philly for game three,
And guess who was on the mound? Yup… ANDY!
Pettitte was unreal and even got hit,
There were also homeruns from A-Rod, Matsui and Swish… I couldn’t believe it!
In game 4 Joba blew the lead by letting Pedro Feliz hit a home run,
Maybe we should’ve told him then that his career was basically done.
Yankees still won that game thanks to Alex, Posada and Tex,
Mo pitched a perfect 9th inning and then Minka Kelly and Jeter had sex.
Burnett pitched next and was the reason the Yankees lost game 5,
I honestly drank so much and am shocked I survived!
Last was game 6 and the Yankees won thanks to Hideki,
He was so unbelievable… he ended up winning the World Series MVP!
Andy was the first pitcher to start and win the clinching game in each round of postseason,
He needs to be in the HOF… and that’s just another reason.
The Core 4 got their 5th ring – one for the thumb,
Anyone who doesn’t think that is incredible is seriously dumb.

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