Monday, September 2, 2013

Minor League Deal Options For 2014: Nelson Cruz

Minor League Deal Options For 2014: Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz coming to the New York Yankees as a designated hitter and rotational outfielder is probably pretty unrealistic but hear me out here. Melky Cabrera was having an MVP type season in 2012 before his season ended due to a steroid suspension and still got a two year deal from the Toronto Blue Jays. Granted he has an AAV of $8,000,000 but it's the Blue Jays and they were handing out big contracts to anyone and everyone so I think that contract may be a little bloated, which could unfortunately work against us. Nelson Cruz is now a free agent after missing the final 50 games in 2013 due to his suspension with Biogenesis and is likely to sign a short term deal to try and rebuild his value and prove he can be effective while clean.

 Do you think Cruz would sign a minor league deal to try and rebuild value knowing that the Yankees team is aging and he may get plenty of at bats in the outfield and at DH? Probably not but I can dream, right? I know that there is some team out there that is willing to give him a one year deal with a guaranteed contract but will that team be in the position to go to the World Series? Only time will tell but if I am the Yankees General Manager I call up Cruz on day one of free agency and offer him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. See you at George Steinbrenner Field Nelson!

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