Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Greedy Pinstripes & Yankees Fans Unite Are Merging

Many of our readers, myself included, enjoy multiple blogs for multiple opinions and insight. Well you guys I regret to inform you that you have one less blog to visit and get opinions from. Everyone here at The Greedy Pinstripes are very happy to announce that Yankees Fans Unite have decided to merge into our site here to make one big blog. We believe that this acquisition brings us one step closer to bringing you guys the most complete and deep Yankees blogging experience on the web. We're not there yet, don't take that from that post, but in my opinion we are definitely getting there.  We want to thank everyone over at YFU for their help in making this transition as smooth as possible. Bear with us as I get everything merged, all the kinks worked out, the YFU writers brought over, etc. Bear with us because it will be well worth the wait.

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  1. Welcome to the YFU people! Wish I had more time to post more material here.


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