Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bloomberg: Yankees Are Worth $3.3 Billion

According to the New York Yankees are worth $3,300,000,000. In case you didn't know or are not that good at math that is $3.3 BILLION. The Yankees are sports most valuable franchise according to the site with  the Los Angeles Dodgers ranking second behind us with $2.1 billion in value. Ten teams around Major League Baseball are worth at least $1 billion making the MLB nearing the same level, fiscally, as the NFL. A couple of the other teams to break the $1 billion mark are the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets who both broke the $2 billion mark while the National League champion St. Louis Cardinals are only valued at $805 million, go figure. Obviously this value for the Yankees, and other clubs, is based on baseball operations but also factor in television networks like the YES Network where the Yankees get about 20% of their value from.

All this value, all this money floating around, we're still the kings of the finance and we have Chris Stewart starting at catcher and we're trying to reduce payroll by over $40,000,000 next season to save a few bucks. You really cannot predict baseball.

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