Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series Game Start Times & Schedule

The World Series field is set for the 2013 season and it will showcase the St. Louis Cardinals representing the National League and Boston Red Sox representing the American. Just as a reminder the American League won the All Star Game this season so they will have home field advantage for the World Series. All the games will be broadcast on FOX so we will hear lots of Buck and McCarver, and that is honestly the way it should be. Just as a reminder all games coverage will begin 30 minutes before the scheduled pitch and the first pitch probably will not happen for another 10 minutes after the scheduled first pitch.

This has all the makings of having everything that you would want in a World Series. You have your young up and coming talent with the bats, you have your young fireball pitchers, you can have a 10-9 game and you can have a 1-0 game the next day, so it should be fun. Honestly of course I want the Yankees in there but with no real loyalties to either team I think I can finally just watch and enjoy the games for once.

Here is the World Series television schedule:

Wednesday 10/23 @ Fenway Park
8:00 pm ET

Thursday 10/24 @ Fenway Park
8:00 pm ET

Saturday 10/26 @ Busch Stadium

8:00 pm ET
Sunday 10/27 @ Busch Stadium

8:00 pm ET
Monday 10/28 @ Busch Stadium

8:00 pm ET
Wednesday 10/30 @ Fenway Park
8:00 pm ET

Thursday 10/31 @ Fenway Park
8:00 pm ET

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