Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yankees Fire Conditioning Coach Dana Cavalea

The New York Yankees have fired their strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea according to Joel Sherman. After a year riddled with injuries and lack luster performances Cavalea seems like the first of possibly many fall guys this season in the coaching staff. Hey you know know maybe we can blame Cavalea for the lack of hustle out of the box from Robinson Cano. No? I didn't think so but I had to try.

Cavalea has been in this spot since the 2007 season and was our strength and conditioning coach in Spring Training from 2003-2007 before that so he is definitely a Yankees mainstay in the clubhouse lately.

Just for the record I said that the Yankees needed to do this back in May, SEEN HERE, and then I reiterated it in September, SEEN HERE. I know this doesn't make me smart of anything just pointing out that I am glad to see it done.

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  1. lol Bleeding Yankee Blue, and FYI I love these guys so this is not hatred or anything, are over on their blog claiming to never be wrong because they predicted this would happen in September...


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