Friday, October 18, 2013

Brandon Phillips Or Robinson Cano?

John Fay of reported that the Reds are interested in Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero. He also pointed out that the team's interest in Guerrero indicates that they may want to trade away three-time All Star Brandon Phillips.

The idea of going after Phillips, instead of signing Robinson Cano, crossed my mind. Robbie is likely looking at a contract of at least seven years, while Brandon is signed through the next four years. And while the average annual value of Cano's new deal could reach $25 million, Phillips' current contract has an AAV of a little over $12 million.

I don't think it's even possible, as the Yankees don't have the players to swing such a deal, but it does bring up a viable option to spending big on Cano.


  1. Because I am new to Greedy Pinstripes, and to be truthful...I am in awe of talent here...I will choose to start slowly. I can only write, as best I can.
    During the end of season, and with the dozens of posts re: Robinson Cano leaving / staying. There surfaced a name that had a bit of traction, for a while.
    Kelly Johnson, 2B-LF, Tampa bay. Now, almost a free agent. He bats left, and has some power.
    Is he in the mix, if Cano bolts?

    1. I actually wrote up a "worst case scenario" post a few months back about if A Rod was suspended, Mo, Andy, and Jeter retired, and Cano walked and I went after Kelly Johnson as my 2nd basemen in 2014 so it's funny that you say that. This was before Andy announced his retirement and before Jeter's season was over.

      Kelly could in no way replace Cano, not even begin to, but what I stated in the article was that if we upgraded elsewhere, ie catcher and right field, we could get by with a less than Robinson Cano type 2B. Kelly Johnson's batting average is not there but he has potential 20 HR and 65-85 RBI power. Also frees up money for a McCann and (at the time) Jose Dariel Abreu.

      I hope it doesnt come to that but it is not as "Cano or bust" as many people may think.

    2. Daniel...I am not a Cano, or bust observer either. If he resigns...wonderful.
      If the door closes, and he's not there? Life goes on. No one is irreplaceable.
      Funny, when the season ended...and the end of earth, as we have known it was upon us,
      ...a clearer vision is now with us. Looking forward to a exciting, and productive off season.

      A truly great make-over is obtainable. I believe that.

    3. Actually one man is replaceable. Do you think we will honestly ever be able to replace Mo? I don't. Not the clutchness, the automaticness every time, and yes I know just because you add a "ness" at the end doesnt make it a word but it's early so sue me lol.

      But the Yankees can compete and win without Cano next year and 10 years from now so I agree with you. I still want him back though.


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