Friday, October 18, 2013

We Have All But Lost The Jose Dariel Abreu Sweepstakes

Jose Dariel Abreu, someone I have been clamoring for since he defected from Cuba and tried to establish residency somewhere else, is not going to be a New York Yankees player in 2014. Instead the Chicago White Sox have continued their dominance in the Cuban baseball players market by signing Abreu to what is speculated as a six year deal worth $68,000,000. This deal absolutely shatters the six year deal that Yasiel Puig got last season for $42,000,000 for the biggest contract ever handed out to a Cuban player.

I know many will not believe me, and frankly that is okay, but I have all of the 2014 free agents predicted in a post that I am waiting until November to post and I had Abreu going to the White Sox. Go me!

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