Thursday, October 10, 2013

Francisco Cervelli Opens Up About Using Steroids In 2011

Originally Francisco Cervelli was very adamant that he only consulted with Tony Bosch and his Biogenesis clinic down in Miami that we all know all too well by now but now we have a whole new side of the story being told. Cervelli opened up and talked a bit about his steroid usage and suspension and admitted to taking the steroids after breaking his foot in March of 2011. Cervelli went to Yankees Stadium this year to personally apologize to manager Joe Girardi after the news broke but nothing was said of Girardi's reaction or how his teammates welcomed him. 

 Here are a few quotes from Cervelli's interview:

Talking about why he used the steroids-

"I felt so many times in my career a little scared I'm going to lose my job...Every year I have to go to spring training and fight for a job."

Talking about being surrounded by the wrong crowd-

"Sometimes you listen to people who have nothing to lose; that's dangerous," he said. "When you're desperate or anxious or scared, that's when you have to step back, slow down and think about what can happen in the future with your actions in the present."

Talking about his new job mentoring younger players-

"I talked to all the kids here in the rookie league, just be careful with your circle and the people around you, especially the people that have nothing to lose because they don't care if you fail or are a success," he said. "I'm not going to tell anybody what they have to do, what decisions they have to make. Prevent a little bit about when you're desperate, anxious or whatever, what bad decisions you can make, so just be careful. Just listen to your heart and listen to good people."

The question is now raised on whether Cervelli would be "forgiven" and accepted again inside the Yankees clubhouse and around baseball. If what he says is true, that he only used it to get back onto the field, then that helps his case a bit. I know that people will say "well we all forgave Andy Pettitte" but Pettitte did it before it was against the MLB's rules and written in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 


  1. People make mistakes. I understand where Cervelli is coming from, unlike others. When ARod used he was on top of the baseball world, but when Frankie used he was fighting for a job.. and had done so year in and year out. When you're desperate you'll do stupid things, and that's what this sounds like.

    I'm willing to give him another shot.

    1. I am willing to give anyone a shot who just comes out and admits it. It is when you tell people that you were "duped" into taking them that you become a dope.


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