Saturday, October 19, 2013

Should The Yankees Bring In Paul Konerko?

The Chicago White Sox may have sealed the fate of Paul Konerko and his windy city career after signing first baseman Jose Dariel Abreu to a mega six year contract. That gives the Chi Sox a right handed option at first in Abreu and a left handed option in Adam Dunn, could that be the best news we have heard to date this offseason?

It is no secret that the Yankees want a right handed power option to spell Mark Teixeira a day or two a week next season, especially after missing most of 2013 with a wrist injury, and Konerko fits the mold. He is a veteran, which the Yankees love, he can hit for power, which we lacked in 2013, would likely sign a one year deal, which is ideal, wouldn't command much in salary by my speculation, see the $189 million luxury tax threshold, and is willing to accept a part time position to play at least one more year, sold!

Honestly I think Konerko is a White Sox player or he retires and we have absolutely no shot at him but it's worth kicking the tires on anyway. Konerko is coming off career lows as a regular with a .244/.313/.355 triple slash line after missing a month of the season due to a nagging back injury. Konerko does not help us get younger, he is currently 37 years old, and only hit 12 home runs last season but maybe a change of scenery can invigorate him and we can have a Raul Ibanez part two comeback.

Just to recap I am not advocating for Konerko. I think David Adams adds versatility with his ability to play first, second, and third base and is also a much cheaper option. Adams gets us younger, more flexible, and may shows some signs of hope for change around here. At the same time though, like I said, we should definitely kick the tires on this, doesn't hurt to right?


  1. I don't want any part of these reclamation projects any more. People keep citing Ibanez when it comes to those things, and it kills me that they do so. Apparently his postseason heroics completely disguises the fact that he's been worth 1 win over the past two years... combined. His two-year triple-slash is .241/.307/.471. That sucks. Unless the bases are loaded in each of his 20 or so home runs, then he's not somebody I want around.

    1. The difference between this reclamation projection and Ibanez is Ibanez was brought in to be the full time DH and Konerko would be a part time player.

    2. I would MUCH rather give that backup spot to a youngster like Adams. My point is... no more reclamation projects unless absolutely necessary (meaning no other options).

    3. I pointed out in the article that I too would rather give the spot to Adams ;)

    4. Yeah, I saw that. I was just saying I agree.

      BTW, some players don't do well playing part time. Paul has been a starter for the last 15 years.

    5. I agree but at the same time I am sure the same could be said for certain players who thrived part time. Maybe Jason Giambi without looking at the stats and considering at this point in his career. Giambi is aging and cant do it every day anymore and has prolonged his career as a pinch hitter and thrived... Konerko either had a bad season as a fluke or is in the same boat as Giambi was after his 2013 season.


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