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The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part Five: The Concessions

PART FIVE: The Concessions

Let me be clear...I am not talking about all of the concessions made to Alex Rodriguez in his last free agent contract negotiations.  What you will see here is a vast array of concessions offered at the New Yankee Stadium.  I challenge you to stop by a few of these on your next visit to the Bronx.  I have compiled a TOP TEN list of concessions for the avid fan to explore:

#10 Highlanders.  Sections 111, 233A, 305, 311, 318, and 325.  You will find all of the staples you would expect to have at a Major League Baseball game: Hebrew National hot dogs, brats, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and pretzels.  This stand makes the top-10 due to its name mostly as the team was known as the NY Highlanders when they first came over from Baltimore.

#9 Garlic Fries.  Sections 108, 205, and 331.  If you like the taste of garlic, and you like the taste of fries go grab a snack during the 3rd inning at this tasty stand.  But make sure to share with someone, because halfway through the taste (and smell) can become overwhelming!

#8 Wholly Guacamole.  Sections 104, 233A, and 327.  Do I really need to explain this one?  Just think a nacho plate the size of your head.  I made the mistake of eating one myself during the Old Timer's Game and missed the 6th AND 7th innings.  Not really a fan of guacamole, but a BIG fan of nachos in general.

#7 Triple Play Grill.  Sections 115, 205, and 334. Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs...they are famous! And you don't have to eat 57 of them to feel good about yourself.  You can also get grilled chicken, chicken fingers, and sliders here...perfect for the little ones.

#6 NYY Steak Express and NYY Steak (the 2nd).  Sections 109 and 221B.  You can get a small sampling of what you'll get inside the main NYY Steak at these concession stands.  Although if you really want to partake, make sure to get a reservation before the game.  See "The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part Two" for more information on the actual venue.

#5 Noodle Bowls/Sushi Stand.  Section 127.  When you have players such as Hideki Matsui, Ichiro Suzuki, and Hiroku Kuroda, you must expect to have some sort of sushi stand within the Stadium.  It won't disappoint!

#4 Johnny Rockets.  Sections 132, 212, and 326.  All the great classic diner food without the annoying singing and dancing.  Make sure to get a malted shake while you are at it.

#3 Brother Jimmy's Barbeque.  Sections 133, 201, 214, and 320A.  Southern-style barbeque served by New Yorkers.  So you are sure to get it slow from a rude person...I kid! I kid!  The food is great and you have a selection of pulled pork, BBQ chicken, and BBQ beef sandwiches.  Add in some homestyle mac n' cheese and you are set.

#2 Lobel's of New York.  Sections 134 and 322.  Hand-carved steak sandwiches made to order by one of New York's finest butchers.  You will not be disappointed but bring an extra wallet as one of these delectable delights will cost you upwards of $15.
Yeah...I'll take that cut right there in the middle...medium please!
#1 Carl's Steaks.  Sections 107, 223, and 311.  My personal favorite.  You will have to wait in long lines for the Cheesesteaks made specially by Carl...yep every employee at each of the three stands is named Carl! Bonus! But really, you will probably go back for seconds after eating one of these sandwiches.  But do yourself a favor and order it with grilled onions and White American Cheese instead of Cheese Whiz.
Trust's worth the wait!
Other places that did not make the list: Beers of the World, New York Pretzel, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Fried Dough.

Stay tuned for next week's edition of The Yankee Stadium Experience as I delve into the eateries, bars, and establishments around Yankee Stadium.

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