Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yankees Sign Antoan Richardson To Minor League Deal

The New York Yankees have made their first official signing of the free agency frenzy when they signed Antoan Richardson to a minor league deal. Not a big deal obviously but you have to get that first one out of the way, gotta crawl before you can walk. FYI for you guys chomping at the bit free agency had not opened when we signed Derek Jeter. Richardson gets an invite to Spring Training this year along with his deal and will compete for one of the outfield spots that are said to be up for grabs.

Richardson in 30 years old, a speedy base stealer, a switch hitter, and has had some major league experience with the Atlanta Braves working for him. He boats a career .381 on base percentage in AAA so that never hurt either. This is just a depth move I am sure but it never hurts to have too much of that, see 2013 for example.

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