Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brian Roberts 2013 MLB Highlights

The newest Yankees player Brian Roberts and his highlights from the 2013 season. Enjoy!


  1. BRIAN ROBERTS...I have watched these highlights, over and over....132 times.
    He looks better than any of the cadavers that the Yankees carted onto the field last season.
    Did anyone see a flaw ? Naysayers, say what you will....but this guy is a player.

  2. It's kind of easy to make someone look good on highlights... you only take the good times. You watched it 132 times, once for every freaking at bat the guy had in 2013.

  3. And did you notice, unless I missed one, that only one of those highlights were from him on the right side...

  4. You put up the highlight deserves a comment.
    183 times, left/ right side...what ever. He is better than what was carted out there last season.
    He had a severe concussion. That did him in.
    I saw the one from the right side. All the other HR' were from the left. No one else did that last year.

    1. I wasn't trying to persuade you not to comment, or not to be excited, just throwing out my two pennies on the matter.

    2. Daniel...
      How dare you put in a contradictory comment! Just who do you think you are?
      Ah, Gee, Ouch...that need not be answered! LOL


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