Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yankees Release 16 Minor League Players

Not a huge bit of news here as I have only heard of maybe two of these players but the Yankees announced that they have released 16 minor league players off the team. Couple that with the five we lost in the Rule 5 draft and that is a lot of players to lose in one offseason. None of these guys are big impact or big loss type guys but I wanted to bring you the news anyway. Here is the complete list courtesy of Minor League Transactions from Baseball America:

RHP Joaquin Acuna, RHP Daury Aquino, RHP Erick Canela, RHP Edixon Mejia, RHP Edwin Rodriguez, RHP Wilton Rodriguez, LHP Hector Bello, LHP Jose Diaz, C Ignacio Chevalier, C Jose Lopez, 3B Fu-Lin Kuo, OF Wilson Agramonte, OF Jorge Alcantara, OF Sandy Brito, OF Freiter Marte, OF Eladio Moronta

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