Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shin Soo Choo Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense For NY

Hear me out. Brian Kenny tweeted that he knew how to fix the Yankees and his first rule was signing Shin Soo Choo and I scoffed but now that I think about it, it does make sense. It makes sense on this team anyway as he would not be the most expensive platoon player in the history of baseball. On this team with the plethora of outfielders and the constant outfield rotation we could easily see Choo miss every lefty this season. Choo hits right handed hitters well and could be in against them and sitting on the bench in favor or Alfonso Soriano or even Ichiro Suzuki when facing left handed hitters,

Obviously this would all be contingent on the Yankees trading Brett Gardner to clear a spot for him but the move would make sense. The market is seemingly pretty quiet for Choo right now which could play into our hands perfectly. Also an outfield of Choo in left field, Ellsbury in center, and Beltran in right field would be one of the best in the league. Also a lineup of Ellsbury, Choo, Beltran, Soriano, McCann, Teixeira is a nightmare for opposing pitching.

So Mr. Brian Kenny I apologize and I bow down to you, to your idea for acquiring Mr. OBP Choo, and thank you for showing me the light.


  1. I still don't care for that move. Specially for the reason you up Brett! Both are about the same age and Brett can hit both R & LH pitchers, not as many HRs but that's why we got others to do that.

    1. Nobody wants to give up Gardner, especially me, but it makes sense. That is all I am saying. You could have a nice left fielder that steals bases, gets on base, and plays great defense or you can trade Gardner, sign Choo, and have a nice left fielder that steals bases, gets on base,plays great defense, and get a starting pitcher that we need.

  2. So 100 millions for a part time player?!?!?
    No, no & NO!!!!! Sick of Yankee fans wanting an all-star @ EVERY position. Give their kids a chance.

    1. I hate to break it to you but Ellsbury is going to be a "part time" player with the outfield rotation. So will Beltran. So will Gardner. So will Wells, Ichiro, Zoilo, and Soriano too. That's why it's a rotation.

      I didn't say let Choo play 100 games. With this rotation and simply sitting him against lefties he would probably play 145+ games, especially coming off the bench to pinch hit or whatever.

      And I didn't say he was an All Star I said he is better then Brett Gardner, gets on base a ton, and Gardner fetches us a pitcher.

      If you knew me you would know I am the biggest advocate for the farm system, home grown guys, and Brett Gardner specifically that you would probably see. If you knew me you would also know that I said I DID NOT WANT TO TRADE GARDNER. I simply said that this made sense.

      I didn't wanna let Cano walk but it made sense on a 10- year deal.

    2. Ok, Daniel...
      I"ll buy into the spiel you have put forth. I still like Brett better, he can and does make things happen for those in front of him and in back of him at the plate. It changes the way a pitcher has to pitch to him and front and back players get a somewhat better pitch to hit because of him (and Ells. Itchy).
      As has been shown over and over again, hitting in front of a power hitter helps one see better pitches, so goes it (even more so) with a speed guy. They don't want him to move a guy into scoring position with a bunt, let him get on and move himself into scoring position, hit over the infield, and once on the next guy gets a lot of fastballs.
      That is the real reason for "Speed Kills", granted heavy hitters are very much-needed but, make a very well-balanced line-up is also a big plus for a team like the Yankees.
      Again, let me admit to the fact, "I am a speed type of player and manager", so I have a different way of looking at things...I like "Billy (Martin) Ball" and always have.
      Your way is NOT WRONG, just I believe in a Balanced Team!
      I just hope I didn't confuse myself with this long dissertation! LOL

    3. But this does not make the team any less balanced, it makes us more balanced. Gardner see's a ton of pitches and should either be leading off or at the #9 spot as a second lead off hitter.

      The thing with Choo is he can hit leadoff, he can hit 3rd, he can hit 5th, he can hit 9th. He makes the lineup much more balanced and diverse. Also he gets on base a ton more then Gardner. Look at it this way:

      Reds Team OBP Pre Choo in leadoff spot: Dead last in MLB
      Reds Team OBP w/ Choo in leadoff spot: Best in National League

      You don't win if you don't get on base.

  3. SHIN SOO CHOO.....why the water is muddied.

    a) If Choo is the cure all....he, not Ellsbury, should of be signed. That would improve clarity.

    b) How can you justify another $100+ million dollar outfielder, when 1/2 your infield is missing,
    and the other 1/2 is coming off full season injuries. And....pitching ?

    c) Do you really think Choo would sign here to be a platoon player ?

    I have always liked Choo, but if you wanted him, he should have been the Yankees first signing.
    Every thing else is pipe dreams.

    1. Didn't say Choo was a cure all...

      You can justify it when Gardner is traded to fetch you an infielder or a pitcher

      Didn't say he would be a platoon player either. I said he would be in a rotational shift, much like Ellsbury when he chased the money.


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