Thursday, January 30, 2014

Michael Young Comes Off The Yankees Board, Retires

Michael Young has officially come off the New York Yankees board this offseason as a possibility for third base after he retired this afternoon. Young was awfully youthful as he was only 37 years old when he retired and still had a few reported offers out there for his services this season.

Young was a seven time All Star, will finish with a .300 career batting average, .346 OBP, and .441 slugging percentage. Young hit 185 home runs, knocked in 1,030 RBI's, scored 1,137 runs, and stole 90 bases in his 14 year career with the Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, and Los Angeles Dodgers.


  1. I'M CURIOUS...and would wish for a player to state, truthfully, what it is like to
    be an upper tier free agent...on Feb 1st...and you are unsigned ?
    After months of telling those close to you, that you will be in demand. You are the man.
    The money will be poring in. And, teams knocking down your door.

    There you sit....wondering...thinking of the worst scenarios, while waiting for the phone to ring.
    A truthful assessment, would be enlightening.

  2. IN HINDSIGHT...I am a cowgirl of consternation. .....Worried, dismayed, anxious.

    Is this it ? Is this the squad ? Three and a half months of endless comments posted.
    Searching night, and day, for ' the ' rumor.
    Listening to blowhards on the radio, telling me nothing new. Sometimes I curse them before
    turning them, and their stations off. While yelling at them.." shut up, idiot "

    Dumb rumors, stupid rumors, rumors that only a dead person could have thought of.
    Talented bloggers searching for truth. Deranged bloggers, who should really be out
    looking for their first kiss.
    Bloggers who are gentlemen. Bloggers who have to be told..." get the F--- out of here."

    Baseball sites that embrace you, and sites that can't wait for one to fall on his face. So
    they can drive their words, of steel, into your neck.
    Comments that make you laugh out loud, and comments that seem of have originated from
    a mental ward, on Staten Island.
    Guys that speak only cyber metrics, and numbers. And, mugs like me, that shoot fro the hip.

    I wrote this winter, that my wife ran off with naked landscapers. That gay priests wanted me dead,
    so they could chase my wife. Priests visiting me, but only for my scotch whiskey.
    I wrote of midgets, and wrestlers from another time. Most dead.
    I obsess over a dead blog site in New Jersey, while fantasizing that I am throwing
    their ' authors ' over the Goethals Bridge...into the Elizabeth River.

    My wife should be sainted. She only knows the half I write.
    Although, she did laugh at the landscaper line. Like maybe, I was on to something ?

    Nuts ? Crazed ? Do I indeed need....the last rights ?
    Nope. This is just another winter that I am traversing.
    In the end, I am just a cowgirl of consternation. Waiting for this off season to end.


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