Monday, March 10, 2014

Every Uniform Number Tells A Different Story

I usually don't frequent ESPN due to their, in my opinion, anti Yankees bias and some of the most obvious homerism in all of sports but this article about uniform numbers was too well written to pass up. Diane Firstman of gave us a few news and notes about the history of uniform numbers and it's an absolutely fascinating read that I think everyone should check out in it's entirety. Below I will map out the Yankees based achievements from the article, enjoy!

Chris Britton in 2008 was one of many players to wear four different uniform numbers in one season with the same team when the Yankees reliever wore #'s 38, 39, 47, and 63.

The most different players wearing the same number in Major League history is  67 different New York Yankees wearing the #26.

The Yankees had seven different players wear the #28 in 1989 with Al Leiter, Dale Mohoric, Dave Eiland, Hal Morris, Hensley Meulens, Jesse Barfield, and Marcus Lawton.

Also these numbers have never been worn by any team, ever. #'s 80, 86, 89, 90, and 92.

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