Friday, March 7, 2014

Hey Guys, Kendrys Morales Is Still Available

This is a total stretch but you do not get the name "Greedy Pinstripes" by being fiscally responsible or reasonable in most cases. Kendrys Morales is still out there, the Yankees have a ton of question marks with Mark Teixeira and his wrist, so this is a match made in heaven. Morales can play first base and can DH getting plenty of at bats with a rotation of players.

It's March 7th, teams have been playing for over a week now, and Morales is still not signed , that alone should be enough to land him on the cheap. Factor in that the Yankees would have to give up a draft pick for his services and his price and years should be minimal. I am thinking a one or two year deal would probably get it done.

The Yankees don't need Morales, and probably don't want Morales, but for $5 million or so for a one year deal why the heck not, right? Brian Cashman reads my stuff, this I am convinced of, and has my permission to bring in Morales Ninja Cashman style.

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